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Bruce Capoferri – Volunteer Coordinator

Scott McDaniel – Volunteer Coordinator

Oliver Dagum – Volunteer Coordinator

Ruth Greenwood – Former Co-coordinator

Ruth’s first song on her first demo (made a few months after finishing college) was recorded on RCA by Gail Wynters. Other songs were recorded by Engelbert Humperdinck, on the FAME TV show and second cast album (reaching #1-3 in Europe), and by Gary Portnoy (“Cheers” cowriter). In Nashville, Ralph Murphy produced Saundra Steele’s recording of Ruth’s “Better than Ever,” written with Jack Perricone. Ruth took a break from the music business to concentrate on her family, but returned to it in earnest after placing 4 songs in a Nashville song contest, and was a finalist in the USA and Songsearch contests.

After her first Writers’ Night at Nashville’s Bluebird Cafe, she was invited to play a Bluebird round with Tony Arata (“The Dance” by Garth Brooks), a life highlight. She has also been an invited performer at Nashville’s Commodore, Belcourt Theatre and other venues, in New York at the Bitter End and Arlene’s Grocery as well as NJ’s WDVR’s Heartland Hayride live radio broadcast. Ruth has taught songwriting privately and to groups and loves to support other writers’ creativity.


Mark Mooney – Former Co-coordinator

I am fascinated by songs. Shortly before graduating college, I started digging into the songwriting craft and writing down song ideas and titles. I picked up a pawn shop guitar and started to learn about music and lyrics. Fast forward a few years, the need to learn about songs re-emerged stronger than ever after my divorce finalized. Moving to New Jersey allowed me to seek out songwriters who would help me along my journey of honing my craft. This is when I discovered NSAI, with meetings in Morris County NJ, in Princeton with Princeton Songwriters NSAI, and in New York City with the NYC NSAI chapters. In 2009, I became a NSAI coordinator with Gil LeDuc with the Morris County NSAI Chapter and shortly thereafter became a coordinator of Princeton Songwriters NSAI with John Sonntag in early 2010. Over the years and many trips to Nashville, the fascination with songs remains and I hope to help my fellow songwriters in their journey.


John Sonntag – Former Co-coordinator

Reared in the rust belt, later a local legend on the hip scene of Hoboken, New Jersey, and now a distinguished producer-performer based in his home studio in historic Lambertville, NJ, on the banks of the mighty Delaware, Sonntag brings a lifetime’s worth and a country-full of musical skills and insights to his exciting concerts and CDs.

“Maybe, like John Hiatt, his songs will be covered by so many others they’ll take on a life of their own. Or perhaps like Richard Thompson, enough folks will hear him in a good listening venue to elevate him beyond cult status.” – Hudson Current.
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