Questions to ask yourself, not only as you write, but also after and definitely BEFORE you submit your songs for review.

What is your goal for this song?

If you were hearing this song for the first time, does the melody grab your attention from the beginning and set the tone for the song?

Is there a strong lyrical beginning that captures your attention?

Does the writer approach the idea in a unique and fresh way? 

Are the lyrics descriptive and clear; showing rather than telling to paint pictures that progressively build upon the theme of the song?

Does the melody and lyrics serve the title and theme of the song in verses, chorus and bridge enough to make the title memorable?

Is there a easily understood and memorable hook?

Is there a good marriage between the lyric and melody (Prosody)?

Is the intro and outro too long, and is the entire length, structure (etc.) appropriate for the target genre playing on the radio today?

Does the song evoke an emotional response?

If you were a first-time listener, would you be enticed to listen to the song more than once?When you can unbiasedly answer YES to these questions, you will be on your way to professionally writing 


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