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Princeton Songwriters/NSAI February Meeting

Scott, Oliver and Bruce are looking forward to seeing you next Tuesday, February 21 7pm EST! Here is the ZOOM link:

We will have special guest- Aarron Williams- An accomplished Nashville player, producer and songwriter – And member of the critically acclaimed group “The Wonderful Nobodies” ( Aaron might even hang around for some song critiques!

This month’s NSAI-Sponsored Lesson focus on writing for SYNC!

Sync (short for synchronization) is a process where songs combine with moving images– film, TV series, adverts, video games, trailers etc. When writing for Sync, it is important to remember that the music in a scene will always be the supporting role, and its purpose is to support and compliment the mood of the narrative. Consider setting aside some time to sit and listen to your song catalog. Listen to each song closely – How makes you feel? Assign the mood you are feeling to each of your songs as another way to organize your catalog and be ready when the right opportunity comes along!

Here are some great resources provided by Amanda at NSAI HQ to get you started:

“Don’t Overthink” – Brandon Ray on Writing for SYNC (Part 1)

“Don’t Overthink” – Brandon Ray on Writing for SYNC (Part 2)  

SYNC 101 – Featuring Heather Cole

 The Power of Music in Film – (YouTube video – How music affects film)

“Hey! That’s My Song!: A Guide to Getting Music Placements in Film, TV, and Media” – Written by Tracey and Vance Marino-  NSAI San Diego Chapter Coordinators! 

We will also give SONG FEEDBACK- try to submit here (if it doesn’t work don’t worry- we will share screens like before)

See y’all Tuesday!

Trouble connecting? Text Scott’s Cell: 215-768-8005