Princeton Songwriters: July 14 “Half Baked” meeting.


Hi Friends:

Our website has been experiencing some issues with our mailings. Some folks – Like me.. and I’m the guy writing the emails – aren’t getting them anymore. Some are getting them really late. Like a week after they’ve been sent out. We’re looking into this so we all get back on the same page.

Moving On:

The last couple of meetings have really been special. Great songs coming in, wonderful conversation, and lots of new faces. It’s been a real delight sitting in and listening to everybody.

Our Next meeting will be in July. Tuesday the 14th. Don’t’ want to miss this one.

-This will be our “Half Baked” meeting.
What this is: Half Baked refers to those songs we all have lying around that have gone nowhere but have potential. It could be one verse, verse and chorus. . .  Or just a melody that needs a story. NOT a full song looking for the usual critique. So We’ve decided to have a meeting where writers bring one or two “Half Baked” tunes and run them by the group. We help you decide which song to put your energy into. It’s a lot of fun. (please note this has nothing to do with Bastille Day- HA!)

Princeton Songwriters 

Tuesday, July 14th., 7:30 pm
Paul Robeson Center for the Arts
102 Witherspoon St.
Princeton, NJ

We meet in the Burke Studio all the down the first floor hall, quick left, quick right and there you are.

As always, you can ask the friendly faces at the front desk for directions if you need it.

See ya all soon!
Mark and John.


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