Princeton Songwriters July 9th meeting: Half Baked

Hello Hit Songwriters that you are –

Happy Fourth Of July!!!

We decided at our last meeting that our July meeting would be a “Half Baked” meeting.
What’s Half Baked?
Half Baked are songs that are not done. A verse or a chorus and not much else. A song you like but it’s fallen to the wayside.
So bring in two Half Baked Songs. Recite or play what you have of the two and the group will help you decide which one you should put your energy into to finish.

Our meeting has about two hours of working time so if there is time after Half Baked  we might be able to listen to finished songs ready for the usual critiquing.

Any questions about this feel free to contact Mark or myself – John. emails addresses below.

We did this a little over a year ago and we had a blast.

Our next meeting: Tue. Juy 9th.  7:30 -9:30 pm

Paul Robeson Center for the Arts
102 Witherspoon St.
Princeton, NJ

We’re on the 1st Floor all the way down the hall. Quick left. Quick right. You’re there.

Mark & John


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